Frustration is what I have heard from many of my clients when it comes time to their metabolism. Do any of these comments sound familiar to you?

I exercise everyday and never loose a pound.

I eat a good diet with lots of vegetables and I still can’t loose any weight

Ever since I have had children I can’t seem to loose those extra 10 pounds of weight. 

All valid statements and I can hear the frustration in their voices. When we feel like we are not where we want to be physically it affects other areas of our health including our psychological health.  Many do not have the self-confidence they want.  

So here are a few tips to begin to help your metabolism to feel better 
1. Hydrate  I know I say this alot but I cannot stress how important it is to start your day with a glass of water 8-10 ounces.  Add a little lime or lemon in it for the detox affect. 
2. Chew your food.  Each bite of food should be chewed 10-15 times 
3. Plate of food should be 2/3 veggies 1/3 protein  Grains need to be little to none.  The unfortunate part of grains as they tend to be genetically modified; many contain glycophates which are hormone disruptors and contribute to weight gain.
4. Prioritize Sleep.  When we get our 7-9 hours of sleep at night it allows the brain to detoxify increases mental alertness and also can enhance creativity. 
5. Move daily.  Now this does not necessarily need to be intensive exercise where you are doing high impact aerobics.  Walking and particularly getting up and walking after meals for 15-20 minutes enhances digestion and helps with metabolism 
6. Journal.  Take the time to write down your thoughts and progress.  It can be very rewarding.  Also releasing thoughts by writing them down that no longer serve you is beneficial.

Try 1 or more of these tips daily and begin to see how you feel!

Morning Tips to Wake Your Brain

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