Success Stories

My patients’ personal stories present their success in their own words. 


After having my second child in Oct 2017, I felt a huge shift in my overall health. Physically, my fatigue was at an all-time high and though I had complaints of feeling un-well for at least a decade, it was clear that my health was truly spiraling out of control. Emotionally, I was also in a very dark place.

A routine check-up with my PCP in Sept 2018 uncovered classic Hypothyroidism lab results; TSH was 31.7. My PCP explained to me that I would need thyroid medication for the rest of my life. I was met with much opposition at even the mention of natural healing without pharmaceuticals and was told that there was no way I would be able to overcome this without Levothyroxine.

Hopeful that I could heal without medicine, I began researching Functional Medicine and found C&S Holistic.  After my initial conversation with Cherri, I left full of optimism and quite hopeful that with a positive lifestyle change under Cherri’s guidance, we would be able to recover my health. Cherri knew immediately that additional testing was needed and after a full thyroid panel, it was discovered that my antibody levels were elevated; TPO was 2231. This uncovered the true cause of my Hypothyroidism – Hashimoto’s disease and an inflammatory response in the body. We immediately put a plan together and after 10 months of eliminating gluten and processed sugars, along with introducing many supplements and herbs and taking measures to reduce stress, I am feeling so much better and my labs have improved drastically. As of June of 2019, Antibodies are 233, TSH 4.2. This journey has been challenging yet rewarding but having Cherri’s support and guidance in the healing process has been monumental in my progress. I can’t thank her enough for her insights and deep understanding of root cause and path to healing.

– Joanna

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