Self-Study Program

“Lift Fatigue and Fire Your Metabolism in 7 Days”

Do you wish you could get up in the morning with more energy?

You want to incorporate more exercise but never feel motivated to start.

Tired of investing so much time and not feeling any different.

Well let me tell you I have been there and I can tell you there is a simpler option.

As a wife, mother of two grown children I am a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.

I help individuals who experience brain fog and fatigue to reclaim their energy to have the balance in life to work and enjoy their families.

When in high school, I was very withdrawn and had a hard time fitting in. This led to many issues including an eating disorder that haunted me well into college. Food was both my reward and punishment. Fortunately I had one of the most supportive professors who saw what was happening and became my biggest mentor. I was able to slowly overcome my eating disorder and graduated with high honors.

When I finally became a nurse I noticed distinct differences in the patients I cared for. Those who incorporated whole foods, regular exercise and had stress reduction techniques were more vibrant! This is what I wanted to see in myself and my patients. Thus my journey into Integrative and functional medicine began.

My husband and I purchased our farm in 2000 and the transition to an organic simpler lifestyle helped me to place the health of myself and family first. A value I hold strong and want to instill in the people I care for.

As I further educated myself, becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner learning about “root causes” of chronic illness including the gut-brain connection, thyroid, hormone imbalances and toxic exposures my passion grew. My personal history of both my Grandmother and Mother having Dementia was an added driving force. Listening to your story and health concerns is how I help you determine those “root causes” so I can begin to assist you in your health journey.

So, I hear from my clients that they are already eating a whole foods diet but can’t loose the weight. It is possible that those foods may not be the best for our body type or the timing of our meals has an impact on weight loss.

My clients tell me that they are exercising daily but still no weight loss; but is it the best exercise for you and your metabolism?

I also hear from clients that they want simple steps, from the comfort of their home to begin to get results such as improved energy when waking up.

Now many of us have heard that it takes 30 days to create a new habit and break an old one. So how can I, in just 7 days start anything that is going to make a difference?

Yes it can be true that it takes time and consistency to create a new habit, but if you do not know where to start it is hard to begin to make the changes to have that good habit emerge.

I am proud to say that many people who come to me are very well educated. They have researched different modalities and know their bodies well. I hear frustration in that they are eating a whole foods diet, doing movement daily but still are not sleeping well, feel stressed and can’t loose the weight and find that there must be a missing piece.

Sometimes we can eat a whole foods diet but it is possible that the foods we are eating may not be the best for us or maybe it is the timing of our meals.

So I can tell you that during this 7 day Self-Study Program

  • Each day you will receive 1-2 Tips to begin right away
  • You will receive these Tips in a video that you can watch as often as you need to
  • All of this you can begin from the comfort of your home without spending lots of Money on devices or supplements
  • No radical change in daily routine is needed.

At the end of this week you will start to have better energy, improved sleep which will help to kick start your weight loss. You will also feel improved mental clarity.

You will receive 7 days of information with 1-2 Tips each day including a PDF booklet. Normally working with me costs thousands but you can get this all for just $79.00.

Click here to register for this Self-Study 7 Day Program to begin your 7 day journey now!

In Just 18 Minutes A Day Or Less You Can Have Less Brain Fog

(And Still Get Back To Watching Your Favorite Netflix Show)

Well let me ask you this……..
How much TV do you watch?
How much time do you spend on social media?
Is your health worth $79.00?

Just think you are getting 7 daily tips to begin right away to help you feel physically and mentally more energized.

Each of these tips are safe and simple to begin.

Like my client Anna telling me after incorporating these tips she experienced waking more refreshed and had energy in the afternoon instead of that slump she use to experience.

Judy told me that she lost 4 pounds during this week.

All it takes is a commitment to listening to 7 days of videos learning a tip or two to begin to lessen the fatigue.
So listening to the daily videos and obtaining these tips is just10-15 minutes of your day.
You might say well I am so busy right now I am not sure I can take 10-15 minutes a day.

I understand it can be difficult to make changes and find the time we need but ask yourself this
Do you want to feel better?
Do you want it in less time?
So begin today by clicking on the link below to begin your 7 Day journey!

Morning Tips to Wake Your Brain

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