Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. -Hippocrates

Nutrition Solutions

The foods we eat have a significant impact on our health. A saying I use frequently in my office is “Food is medicine or Food is Poison.” That is because food and our nutrition play a significant role in our health and how we feel.

How many of you knew that 85% of our immune system lies in our gut. So if we are not supporting our immune system with healthy whole food choices then we will generally not feel well. Imbalances in our “gut” can lead to symptoms of anxiety, brain fog, headaches and potential chronic illness including autoimmune disorders to name a few. This is why I focus a significant amount of my practice on helping people with good food choices because of the impact food plays in our health. I do not prescribe specific diets but focus on a whole foods system approach and incorporate personal food preferences, culture, religious and spiritual beliefs to help the individual and family heal and maintain wellness.

Nutrition is near and dear to my heart as my husband and I own a 40 acre hobby organic farm. Whole foods that are free of pesticides and not genetically modified are foods that should be a staple in every household, because food is just not fuel it is information.

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