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The Products below are what I recommend regularly for health and education.  As an Amazon Affiliate I do receive commisions on these products. 

Online Resources

Environmental Working Group

Institute for Responsible Technology

Health Research Institute (for Glyphosate testing)

Mountain Rose Herbs

Green Chef (organic meal delivery)

Be Green Bath and Body and Body Products (EWG friendly)

Thrive Market; online organic shopping

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood – For list of sustainably caught fish that contain the lowest amount of toxins. 

Natural Home Magazine – Information on creating healthy home environments

Organic food and news updates

Pub Med – Resource for abstracts and articles

New America Dream – Tips on living consciously buying wisely

Slow Food Wisconsin – This group focuses on the support of family farms,  locally grown foods, support of school gardens, maintenance of biodiversity and the conservation of regional culinary traditions.

Consumer lab

Institute for Functional Medicine

Ten Simple Sustainable Steps for a Balanced Brain

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