Sharp Memory, Active Life, Mid-Life & Beyond.

C&S Holistic Family Health and Wellness is a Functional Medicine and Functional Coaching Practice.

I help men and women with brain fog from mid-life hormone changes optimize their brain health so that they can enjoy their golden years without losing memory or physical vitality.

Take a moment to look at these statements and check those that apply to you:

  • Do you not have enough energy to sustain you through the day
  • Feel your memory is not as sharp or your more forgetful
  • Not sleeping soundly or waking in the night
  • Are you ridden with anxiety that feels crippling at times
  • You eat a good diet but still feel bloated
  • It is after lunch at work and you feel like you need to put your head down to take a nap
  • Get 8 hours of sleep and still hit the snooze 3 times
  • Your work day is ended and no energy for your family
  • You are taking supplements with no improvement in energy
  • You have a history of Alzheimer’s or dementia and fear that someday you will have the same outcome
If you answered yes to three or more of these you are not alone and … YES there is hope.
You can be vibrant at any age.

Click on the link below to book a FREE Personal call with me so I can find out where you are at with your health.

My philosophy of care is on the patient-practitioner relationship. This means I work with you to discover your very own mind, body, and spirit connection. As we’re all different, your lifestyle may not look the same as everyone else’s and your story is unique to you.

As with each and every one of us; our life evolves and our story continues to develop. After 8 plus years of helping hundreds of individuals, I started educating myself on functional medicine and looking at the “root causes.” I found when identifying those “root causes” those triggers in their life that lead to varying degrees of illness were removed, improvements in lifestyle occurred.

I work with you getting to know your story and your lifestyle to bring out the lifestyle steps you have within yourself to achieve health and wellness.

Lifestyle Habits to a Resilient Brain book cover

New Book! Lifestyle Habits to a Resilient Brain

Cognitive decline is optional. You can have optimal brain health throughout your entire life. It begins with simple, daily lifestyle steps to improve your physical health, energy and brain health. My book Lifestyle Habits to a Resilient Brain, discusses some of the simple steps you can begin today.


Why Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is personalized medicine that deals with root cause or events “upstream” instead of just treating symptoms. I seek to create a sustainable lifestyle by promoting hope, health and healing. This healing is for you both physically emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Functional Medicine Incorporates:

Patient Centered Care

We work together to look at your lifestyle, genetics and living environment.  I meet you and your family where YOU are, listening to your story and striving to help you maintain health and wellness beyond just absence of disease.

Integrative Science-based approach

All of my approaches are based on scientific research.  Together we’ll look at the options and determine the best path for YOUR wellness journey.

Best Medical Practice

Functional Medicine incorporates the best of both traditional Western Medicine along with Integrative or Alternative Medicine, creating a focus on prevention and getting at the root cause of your health concerns.  

Success Stories

“I overcame sugar cravings, brain fog and lack of energy within a few weeks of starting the Metabolic Re-set Program with Cherri.  As an unexpected bonus, the pain I experienced from a neurological condition reduced by 98%.  Cherri was able to keep me motivated and focused by providing a personalized and integrative approach to resolving my symptoms.  This is not something I could have done alone or with my personal medical doctor.  She was very thorough in her initial consultation and took the time to listen and understand.  Thanks to Cherri’s vast experience, training and compassionate care, I feel better than I have in decades!”

Karen C.

“A co-worker shared Cherri’s contact information with me. I have suffered with digestive issues for years with no true relief. I started seeing Cherri 3 months ago. I have experienced significant digestion healing in this short time than I have had in years. After my first visit I left feeling “hopeful” that she would be able to help me. I am so very thankful to have found her and can not say enough about how she has improved my life in such a short time.”

Kathy L.

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The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”.

-Thomas Edison

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