Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate, it certainly is a wonderful time of year but also a hectic time.   There is travel, decorating, gifts and such. It is a time of year where we do for others. Certainly caring for others is important but it should never be at the cost of our own health and wellness.  So with that in mind I wanted to give you some healthy tip reminders during the season that can carry you into the New Year. A healthful reminder for all of us.

1. Be sure to prioritize sleep.  It can be difficult with obligations to at times keep the same sleep schedule but when you do you will feel less stressed and more energized. 
2. Struggling with getting in your regular exercise, try when shopping to park further way to get in those steps; or instead of going through the drive through for your coffee, park the car and get out to walk in 
3. Struggling with healthy meals consider crock pot recipes and make extra to freeze so you can pull out as needed. Keep a container of cut up veggies in the refrigerator to snack on 
4. Have healthy nuts on hand or make hard boiled eggs for a quick protein snack.  Better choice when having food cravings. 
5. Worries about eating the wrong foods at a party, eat a healthy protein snack prior to going so you are not so hungry to eat a wrong food 
6. Traveling around to purchase those gifts.  Each time you stop at a light take in 3 slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.  You can also do this in your car prior to entering a store 
7. Stressed about extra money spent on wrapping supplies.  Save packaging and brown paper bags and wrap gifts.  You can be creative by coloring on the paper and using left over yarns as ribbon.  
8. Maintain fasting 3 hours after dinner before bedtime.  Enhances sleep and digestion.  Your gut and your brain will thank you. 
9.  Are you one who enjoys canning, wood working or crafting?  Making homemade gifts means so much more to people. Avoid the stress of shopping. 
10.  At the end of the day take an Epsom salt bath.  Magnesium in Epsom salts is relaxing and enhances sleep. Also enhances the health of your bones.  
11. Maintain balance.  Social connections are important for our brain health, be sure to balance that with some quiet time for yourself.  
12. Practice gratitude daily it enhances joy! Listen to this 5 minute interview with Brene’ Brown and Oprah Winfrey.  It reminds me of the daily blessings each of us can see in our life.

Morning Tips to Wake Your Brain

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