Many individuals develop New Year’s Resolutions at the start of the New Year.   I have certainly done New Years resolutions in the past but personally I like to consider a word or word(s) that have meaning for me that I can take through the year. 

Before I share with you my word phrase for 2024 I want to reflect a moment on 2023.  Every year when I send out my Christmas card I am reminded of the bounty of blessings that I have.  It is easy to get caught up in the news and turmoil that is going on in the world, that can bring about negativity; but there is also so much good that many people are doing.  I was listening to a podcast in December from Catherine Price, and she brought up the concept of finding small everyday experiences of joy and when you do to stop, pause raise your finger and say the word “delight”.  I personally love this idea as it keeps me focused on the positive everyday blessings I have. This motivates me to move forward with healthier decisions in my own life. 

The holiday season and season of giving many extend in 2024.   My husband and myself are large advocates for social justice and applying stewardship with social justice is my theme for 2024. When speaking of social justice I am referring not only having laws that support all people including those of all races, ethnic groups and LGBTQ individuals, but making health care and achieving wellness with steps that you can do from home.  My recent book “Lifestyle Habits to a Resilient Brain” was one piece where individuals can get my book at low cost and apply these steps from home to feel improvements in physical health along with brain health. 

When we feel well and have a passion to either give or help others in some way it creates joy and that itself enhances our wellness by:

  • Boosting the brain through the release of opiates and we feel calm, safe, and energized
  • Increases immune system 
  • lowers stress 
  • improved heart health 
  • can reduce pain. 
  • inner confidence and strength
  • deeper sleep 
  • increased clarity and focus in decision making

Whatever your goals are for 2024, keep your optimal wellness so that you are able to achieve those goals. 

Not sure if any of you saw this commercial during the holidays, but it was truly inspiring.  It is a reminder of what you can do by taking small steps. This brought tears to my eyes. 

Morning Tips to Wake Your Brain

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