Do you know your personal risk as it relates to cognitive decline? When you have this information it is powerful because it can help with changing the destiny of your brain health. 

It is well known that inflammation, glucose regulation, exposures to toxins, gut imbalances and oxidative stress all impact the health of our brain cells. The later oxidative stress is coming forth in the research more as to how damaging this process is to not only our cognitive health but cardiovascular health as well.  Oxidative stress can effect proteins, fats and even the health of our mitochondria (powerhouse cells). Nutrition is a big factor but also how you utilize nutrients including absorption and detox such as with glutathione can be significant in our brain health.

As we age our glutathione levels tend to decrease. Knowing and measuring your glutathione levels and increasing them to optimal levels can help with improving executive function in brain health. Findings in the research are showing that executive function may be a better predictor in cognitive health than memory. 
Research continues to progress. Below are helpful tips in assessing and increasing glutathione levels. 

  • have your glutathione levels check via blood
  • consider DNA testing to know your genetic SNP’s to assess detoxification
  • Consume foods high in sulfur rich foods including broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic 
  • Add Turmeric to foods and vegetables. 
  • Sleep is crucial and it is important to have deep sleep along with REM sleep Consider a sleep tracker such as Oura Ring or Garmin
  • consider supplements such as Vitamin C, NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) and alpha lipoic acid. 

Food and Sleep two of the most crucial factors in our health and the health of our brain. 

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