Do you feel foggy at times? Having difficulty concentrating? Just can’t seem to focus as well?  These can be signs that our brain is not working so well. Our brain needs energy in order to function optimally; energy that includes nutrients such as glucose and oxygen.  If your brain becomes deprived of oxygen for even a few minutes you will suffer permanent brain damage. One would think that as long as you are breathing that your brain is getting adequate oxygen but that is not necessarily the case.  There are several factors that can lead to poor oxygenation to the brain and signs that both your brain and body are not getting the oxygen it needs. Some of these conditions include Stress, Both high and low blood pressure, anemia and diabetes to name a few.  If you have symptoms such as cold hands and feet, chronic nail fungus, weak nails or white spots on your nails these are signs of poor circulation. When we have poor circulation it can rob the brain of oxygen it needs.  Lets take a look at a few conditions in more detail and what simple steps can help. 

  • Low blood pressure causes poor blood flow to the brain and can be a sign of adrenal fatigue, autoimmunity or chronic infection along with chronic stress. Add sea salt to the diet can help. 
  • High blood pressure causes blood vessels to narrow leading to poor blood flow to the brain. It is important to reduce salt in the diet, eating foods high in magnesium or a supplement, exercising regularly and practicing regular stress reduction techniques, one of which is breathwork. 
  • Anemia is a major culprit in poor oxygenation to the brain.  Determining and treating the underlying cause if Iron deficiency, B 12 deficiency and resolving it
  • Stress inhibits blood flow to the brain. When our body is in a constant sympathetic state of stress the brain goes to the bottom of the to do list to get oxygen.  Having regular self care practices to keep yourself in a parasympathetic state is important to prevent brain degeneration.  Consider meditation, breathwork, journaling and taking time to get out in nature daily. Daily walking can be the most beneficial. 
  • Increasing Nitric Oxide is essential for the brain’s arteries and our immune system. Certain foods such as beets, garlic, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, pomegranate and dark chocolate are good. There is a simple 4 minutes exercise that you can do a couple of times a day to increase your nitric oxide level.  Try this to see how you feel. 
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Recognizing that when we have symptoms that parts of our body are not getting the oxygen it needs is important to address because it can overtime affect our brain. You don’t need to experience forgetfulness or memory loss to have a sign that the brain is not getting the nutrients it needs including oxygen.  

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